Hanging lamp



The Luffa Lamp is one of our most complex designs, created to become as a center of attention in any space that is used. 

The possibilities are endless, you can use it in your dinning room, dominating the space and  launch a conversation, use  and arrange of multiple pieces as a chandelier to adorn your staircase, in any place this is going to look awesom. This is designed to function as an accent piece, so have that in mind, this lamp shade will help to produce a nice ambient, but it will be secondary to the primary illumination needed to properly light a room. 

ItĀ“s designed as a 3 layer piece, with the first one being completely close to function as a diffuser, and the two external lattices as a organic enclosures mimicking the organic structures found in the luffa. 

Recommended min height 250 mm
Intricacy level High

Recommended Filament

White PLA

Recommended layer height

0.12 to 0.16 mm    (max 0.16mm)