Functional Print

Printed Arm


So I needed an arm to hold my laptop and naturally spent a whole week designing something that already existed but it was good fun

It's a modular design but please don't exceed the 2 articulations, as it only been tested holding 500gr,,  so be careful, don't use PLA, use only PETG or NYLON, recommended for experienced users only, use it to only hold items with low value, we are not responsible for any damages resulting from printing and using this model.

You will receive a ZIP file including the Shade Mesh a  series of meshes to be used as bases and socket holders (.3Mf) and documentation depicting general recommendations for a successful print and assembly of this kit. 

Recommended max height 250 mm
Intricacy level Medium

Recommended Filament

PETG or Nylon

Recommended layer height

0.12 to 0.16 mm    (max 0.2 mm)